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Health Programme Impact

Wellness Workshops

  • A total of 2000 people have been reached through the wellness programme in the last 3 years. 90% percent of the participants were unemployed women.
  • Approximately 1500 women completed the 8-week health education workshop series, followed by healthy cooking demonstrations and follow up workshops.
  • An estimated 200 individuals accessed one-on-one counselling and referrals.
  • An estimated 300 people were reached through community health awareness days, such as:

Community Champions

Mamelani piloted the Community Champions process for the first time in 2011. The process took 15 inspiring women through an 18-month learning process. The capacity building process focused on strengthening these women as individuals, as a group, and as leaders in their respective communities. The workshops have looked at sharing individual stories, identifying their strengths, identifying local resources and networks, building local role models, identifying gaps in their individual initiatives and local services, setting personal goals and visions and creating action plans in moving forward. The relationships that have been built amongst the champions themselves were seen as a resource by the group, with many saying that they felt supported and encouraged by the group.

This was followed by a mentoring process, where facilitators walked alongside these women in realising their goals. Two of the participants were supported in strengthening their initiatives, one a soup kitchen, the other, an Aftercare Project. These projects were started prior to the process, but support was provided with registration, on-going planning as well as skills development including financial management and fundraising skills. More than half of the participants went on to train as home-based carers during the year that they were being mentored.

Participants share the impact the project has had on their lives:
The best way for us to show the impact of our work is to share the voices of the participants of the programme.

“I am Nosibongile Dube. Mamelani opened my eyes to many things that I didn’t know. Mamelani helped me with skills that I wanted to be able to help my community. I am proud to be a home-based carer now so in my community I can help people with their different problems. I can face anything now. I can face my personal problems. I know I have a person to share my things with – my mentor this year has helped me. I want to say thank you Mamelani. You must grow big and help many people like me”

“It’s good to know that we as community members have a role to play in making sure our communities are better, safer and that we live in empowered communities”

“It helped me to boost my self-esteem. It taught me to be strong as a person because you face many obstacles and how you must overcome them. I also learnt about what resources there are in my community and where to find help”

“It taught me how to handle the problems in my community, how to solve each case, step by step and how to share your views in the community. I learn to give and receive from people – something new in my life”

“The workshops made me stronger now – I know that I am not alone”

Youth Programme Impact

Overall impact of youth programme

ProSeed has provided support to over 90 young people who have come out of residential care and foster care. To date, all the young people coming out of residential care have come from the Homestead Projects for Street children. Since 2007 when we began the expanded version of the programme, less than 10% of the participants in the programme have returned to a life on the street.

Past graduates from the programme have become role models for those who are preparing to leave care. Their journeys as they transition from care to adult life are made up of stories of resilience and resourcefulness. Although they have had to face numerous challenges, many have used their talents and passions to help them along the way.

To see pictures of the young in action see:

Youth Talent Show

Participants share the impact the project has had on their lives:
The best way for us to show the impact of our work is to share the voices of the participants of the programme.

“I really didn’t think about having to leave the Homestead one day. I didn’t take it seriously until I realised that I had to leave. I realised that I needed help! I didn’t know where I was going to go and what I was going to do. Mamelani helped me. You see these guys at Mamelani are like brothers to me and I get to talk about things that one would expect from a family. Mamelani gives people hope and that is so important because people lose hope when they are not supported. It gives guys leaving the children’s home an opportunity of making something different of our lives and not having excuses.”

“I have enjoyed making new friendships at work. I have learnt that I am able to adapt easily to new situations. This internship has helped me become more confident. Now I am able to work anywhere”

“What I enjoy the most is the people that I work with and the friendships that they have for me. I have learnt to cook and to make a lot of stuff. I have learnt that I can stand up for myself. I can be with people that I am not used to being with as equals and I can make friendships with them. The internship has given me more confidence and it has helped me to look after myself and my family. It has also improved my relationship with my family as I am able to contribute and my girlfriend’s parents respect me now and are always nice to me because I am working”

“I have learnt that there is nothing that I cannot do. I can work with anyone and speak with people that I don’t know”

“ProSeed is a powerful project that helped me and helps others who are part of the programme to grow and be responsible for our lives. With all their support, I am now responsible for my life. I thank ProSeed and Mamelani for making me who I am today”

“At the camp I learnt that if you believe in yourself you can do something. I never climbed the mountain before, so I felt like it was another world.”

“I learnt that if you want to survive as a person, you need to believe in yourself.”